25th september '11

Wooster, OH, 3PM more

5th february '12

Cleveland, OH, 2PM more
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pizzicato 4

cello quartet

Audiences love the lush sound and cutting-edge repertoire of Pizzicato 4. Concerts are fun and energetic, filled with an eclectic mix of styles and sounds.

Pizzicato 4 delights audiences with its blend of contemporary sounds, from tangos to jazz to rock songs to a spicy blend of classics. A broad range of gifted composers and arrangers make the adventurous repertoire possible. Premieres and works unique to the group are common fare.

With their technologically advanced sound manipulation, Pizzicato 4 breaks new ground in cello technique and use of electronic sound manipulation, propelling cello performance with a great leap forward into the 21st century!

  • Comments from the audience...
    Bravo! Bravo!...Incredible!...Love it!...Ahh!